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See You Guys Soon!

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Is it really time for goodbye already? Where did time go?

Before Anthony and Kim headed off to the airport, we had one last dinner at the family’s “favorite” seafood restaurant. Of course, we had to go right at 5:30 p.m. to catch their special right before the dinner rush.

Tian Tian Dinner

It was hard to feel the sentiments of the moment when everyone was attending to so many babies. We actually fit in one table that time. Not everyone could see them off at the airport so we said our goodbyes at home. The next time I hold little Joel, he would probably look a lot different. Maybe he would be talking by then and not screaming as loudly! I look forward to holding him again soon.


I thought there would be more emotion between these two since they spent a lot of their time playing together. But I suppose boys will be boys. They gave each other a hug, which was really sweet, and said their goodbyes. I imagine that when they see each other again, things would be a lot different. Even though they are three years apart, I hope they can rekindle their friendship and remember the good times they had together.

Aiden and Nathan

Going Bowling

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

We decided to go for broke and take the boys to go bowling. What could be so difficult about taking six boys under the age of five (one, age eight) for some bowling? One thing we learned for sure: in the bowling alley with kids, it’s not about the adults trying to reach a new score anymore.

This is a picture of Aiden and Nathan with their Kung Fu Panda T-shirts that change colors when exposed to the sun. They were so proud of it that I just had to take a picture!

At the Parking Lot

How do we keep everyone in order? By strapping them down, of course, with some help from Anthony who graciously offered to watch them while we attempted to go one round of bowling.

Strapped Down

Of course, that did not last for too long. Soon, all the boys were crowding the lane and wanting a turn. We ended up assisting them with the balls and helping them with their first bowling experience. It was actually quite cute to see them knock those pins down. It just goes to show that bowling is really for everyone. However, after going for one round, we were done for the day.

Boys and Bowling

One of my favorite desserts is crepe. We found this yummy (though expensive) crepe place in downtown. That evening, we took off for evening dessert. Nathan tried crepe for the first time and he liked it! I, on the other hand, loved it. That night, we talked about trying to make homemade crepes so we wouldn’t have to keep plunking down the dollars every time I get a craving.

At the Crepe Place

More Pictures

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

When we’re not in Disneyland or the Park, it is far easier to just stay indoors. The kids are usually content to just watch a video or play among themselves. It’s amazing what imaginations they have — though, they are also easily bored and not afraid to let us know. One time, I spotted these two having some type of “serious” conversation. When I eavesdropped, they were talking about their toy cars. How very cute!

Jackson and Aiden

When they are not deep in conversation, the boys do horse around — and how! This is just one of the moments when they pile on top of each other while taking off their shoes. It gets a little crazy but it’s fun!

Boys will be Boys

Who knew that having a Happy Meal could actually make one … well, happy? Now I know it’s not just about the food (though it certainly doesn’t hurt to have chicken nuggets, french fries, and chocolate milk). Rather, it’s all about the toy inside. Yes, the element of being given a prize with your food is what the Happy Meal is all about. These boys started comparing their toys as soon as they opened their boxes.

Happy Meal

And what does a little girl do while her boy cousins tinker with their toys? She sits pretty as a rose, of course! I just can’t get enough of little Nia!

Rose among Thorns

At the Park

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Yes, it was another day at the park. We brought mats along with us to lay on the grass while we watched the boys in the playground. It wasn’t exactly a picnic because we didn’t bring food with us, but we lounged around leisurely while we chatted away.

An Almost Picnic

Alvin and Yeegee came by with Trinity. It was nice to get all the babies together once again, even in an informal setting. Here are the two moms with their daughters. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if these little girls will grow up to look like their lovely moms. So far, from their features, it sure looks like that will be the case!

Yeegee and Kristen

Here’s another picture of me with little Allister. He is such a good baby that he lets me hold him in any way I want. As long as he’s fed and dry, he’s content to just sit quietly in my arms (or in this case, around my legs).

me and Allister

Mother’s Day and More Snapshots

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

For Mother’s Day, the men offered to babysit the kids and order pizza while the women went out for a massage and a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We ended up walking around the mall for an hour or so. Since we did not make reservations, we had to wait an hour and a half to be seated. Like I always say, “it’s not always the food but the company!” It was a special Mother’s Day splurge anyway.

Cheesecake Factory

Some more of my favorite shots from the day before is this one of my niece and nephew. Both have sweet dispositions and a smile that melts your heart. Having these two in one shot makes my day!

Nia and Avery

Awww … how cute! The boy cousins pose for a picture.

Jackson, Allister, and Nathan

While I was walking around taking pictures, my smart-alec brothers pretended not to see me while they were having a conversation (probably about babies and diapers).

A Pretend Conversation

Two new moms pose for a picture. Especially after this Mother’s Day season and seeing all my nephews and nieces, I’ve gained a new respect for mothers and all that they do. Their babies were born just within months of each other. What a blessing it is for our family!

Wens and Yeegee

I just can’t get enough of Nia. Here’s me and Kim squishing her, like we always do. I am still amazed that I actually have a niece. After playing rough and tumble with the boys, it’s so nice to just hold a peaceful little girl in my arms. Even when she screams and cries, it sounds more like a coo to me!

Kim and Nia

Family Pictures

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Finally, the day we’d all been waiting for: the family pictures. Since the photographer has the official shots, I’d only tried to sneak in a few that doesn’t have all of us in it. Some of the ones I thought were special were this of the grandparents and all of their grandchildren. It was quite a feat to get them all in one place, but carrying the two smallest ones made it easier.

The Grandchildren

What was harder was getting all of them together. Aiden held Allister while Alvin held Trinity at arm’s length and kept himself out of the picture. The result was a nice shot of all the kids together. I imagine that this picture will only change with time as they get older. But at least for 2011, we stole a moment in time when the cousins can be altogether in one shot.

Grandchildren 2011

These are all my awesome sisters-in-law and my mother. I’d like to think that the blurry quality gives it a more romantic feel. Or not.

The Gals

This is a rowdy shot of all the guys — grandpa, dads, uncles, sons, nephews. The works. We did not even try to get everyone to smile and say cheese. It was enough that they were all looking at the camera!

The Guys

Typical Vacation Day

Friday, May 6th, 2011

What do we do when we’re not going to exotic (expensive) places like Disneyland on this vacation season? We try out different restaurants during lunch. Today was Korean.

Korean Lunch

… and we go to the park for some fun in the playground.

the Playground

… and I get my cuddle time with the baby.

Hangin' Out

This usually wipes the babies out by late afternoon. They usually take naps … but not like this. This shot was just so cute I just had to post it!

Long Day

More Disney Pictures

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The Disneyland trip was momentous for many reasons. One is that it was Allister’s first Disney trip. He even got a cute Mickey onesie to commemorate the event. Here he is with the grandparents!

Allister's First Disney Trip

Another special event was little Trinity joining us along with her parents. We walked around Toontown and hung out over churros. Since her parents are annual passport holders, this was actually Trinity’s second Disney trip. She even beat Allister to the punch. Something tells me that if she doesn’t become a Disney fan, she will at least become a Disney princess growing up.

Trinity's Second Disney Trip

This was a cute picture of Aiden and Aldridge sitting on top of the pumpkin. Right inside peeking from behind the pumpkin’s eyes is Avery. The playground is where the kids can release their energy and where the parents can regain theirs.

Above and In the Pumpkin

It was most gratifying to see how the cousins all get along so well. It is like they all come from the same patch, just like how they fit into this pumpkin.

Inside the Pumpkin


Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

The beginning of the day in Disneyland is always the most exciting. As one sees the colorful shrubbery shaped into Mickey’s head right at the entrance, there is the promise of a magical time in the happiest place on earth. With toddlers and little ones in tow, we expected nothing less.

Start of the Day

One of my most memorable moments was meeting Mickey Mouse, actually. And it’s not because I’m a big fan. Just seeing the wonder and adoration in my nephews’ eyes as they looked up this over-sized stuffed recreation of a cartoon character was already worth the price of admission (which cost a lot more than the last time I was here). I continue to be amazed at their imagination as each boy gave Mickey a big hug and a hearty goodbye. This is how I know that Disneyland will never go out of business.

Meeting Mickey

Since my own childhood, when the family started going to Disneyland, it’s always been a tradition to eat lunch in Tomorrowland. I guess the tradition continues … only this time, we have booster chairs, milk cartons, chicken nuggets, lots and lots of baby wipes, and an outdoors entertainment show starring Darth Vader, with the addition of the Phantom Menace.

Lunch in Tomorrowland

How can we leave Disneyland without riding Small World? It was dusk before we got to Fantasy Land for our last ride of the day … and boy, was it worth the wait! Everyone enjoyed the bright atmosphere, dancing mannequins, continuous merry music, and smooth boat ride, especially the kids! As we came out of the structure, we even caught the last few minutes of the light show. What a way to end the evening! I’m convinced that the only way to really enjoy Disneyland is to see it through the eyes of a child.

Dusk at Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Downtown Disney

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

It’s always fun (but tiring) to strap six kids in a van, but we did it anyway. We wanted to shop in the World of Disney. I was amused that they have been trained to walk around the store and “just look.” They can touch and play and hold their toys but they have to put them back when it’s time to go. The key is to allow them closure (“bye, toy”). Such discipline!

World of Disney

One of our stops is in the Lego store. It brought back memories of my childhood. As I watched my nephews move from station to station, I thought about the joys of discovery. It was fun to see them create from imagination. I found myself getting caught up and living vicariously through them. I even got excited to see a Lego structure of Woody and Darth Vader!


How many people does it take to strap six kids in a van (missing the 3-month-old in the picture)? Apparently, three adults. We were outnumbered but we did alright. A good time was had by all. At least, that’s what I think … I’m not the mom!

Van Ride