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New Shoe Rack

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


The joy of Ikea assembly! I actually enjoy it very much. Wens and I got into this project and worked to put together this shoe rack. She read the instructions (I’m not too good with that) and directed us both. It was tedious at first, but when we finally began identifying the screws and boards and holes, we were flying. It definitely went faster when we did the second shoe rack.


Adam helped us mount both against the wall. He had to look for screws that were long enough to stick the shoe racks onto the wall.


Afterward, we put in the little drawers where the shoes go. This was actually quite exciting as we envisioned what tidiness and cleanliness could look like in that part of the house!


Hopefully, everyone will follow suit and be disciplined about putting their shoes in their place. I know that I get lazy sometimes and forget …

4th Day @ Legoland

Monday, July 4th, 2011

In about a month, I’ll be driving cross-country for about 21 hours so this one caught my attention. It would be so nice to have a nice Volvo … too bad it’s made of Legos!

Lego Car

Wens has been taking pictures left and right throughout this whole time. I guess it’s only appropriate that she’s posing next to this Lego structure of a tourist with a camera. It’s really cute.

camera fiend

It took several tries before I finally got Allister to smile with his little tongue sticking out. He’s had better poses but this one will do for now:


I caught this one right right before I was supposed to wake him up from the long car ride back to LA.


This is probably my favorite picture. Aldridge looks like a cartoon character!


If you look close enough, you can see my reflection in Aiden’s sunglasses. He actually borrowed it and tried to make a silly face. He tries and tries to look silly but to me, he seems to always look more serious than the average kid.


3rd Day @ Legoland

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

During this trip, besides holding his own bottle while feeding, we found that Allister can actually sit in one of the strollers. This makes it easier to transport all four boys and take them around the park … until of course they get restless and beg to come down or be held.

at the parking lot

Besides the water park, there is also now an aquarium called Sea Life. Again, it makes sense — it’s San Diego, after all. After being here for the third day, I had to conclude that this whole park is definitely geared for children 5 years old and under — just perfect for my nephews. The rides were short enough for their attention span and the Legos were perfect for catching their attention.

at the door

I found that Sea Life is also perfect for them. The height of the aquariums and the displays all over the place accommodate small kids. The language is age-appropriate and the colorful walls are definitely geared for them. It makes adults feel a little short-changed, but then again, what do you expect from a place called Legoland?

Aiden with Nemo

I tried to take pictures of the kids interacting in the different sections of the aquarium. In-between displays were places where they can play with Lego blocks, like this one:

Aldridge with Building Legos

And, of course, there were several life-size structures of sea life made of Legos. Avery liked this one and made a special request to be photographed with it. Interesting choice.

Avery with a Lego Diver

Again, while waiting for his big brothers to finish their ride, Allister patiently waited outside in his stroller. Good thing Kong-Kong didn’t mind keeping him company.

Allister with Kong-Kong's Hand

For lunch that day, we went to In-N-Out. The kids got their little hats and their stickers. It was amazing to see them playing with them like they were Happy Meals. I guess it really doesn’t take much to amuse a kid … case in point, Legoland.

better than Happy Meal?

2nd Day @ Legoland

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Water Park

I could not believe that Legoland actually included a water park! I guess it makes sense — it’s San Diego, after all. At first, I thought it was right next to Legoland, but it turned out that all we needed to do was go into the park and the entrance was right there. It was strange to see a Raging Waters-like environment inside the park!

Wading Pool

We were already wearing our bathing suits when we went in so all we needed to do was park the strollers, take off our clothes, and go in. The water was warm and refreshing, but when you got out of the water, the wind was a bit chilly. It took a while for the kids to get used to the cold but they eventually adjusted. Allister could not handle it though, so he did not stay.

Water Elephant

All around the pools are lego building areas where kids can play with Lego blocks. It’s actually quite ingenuous. Smart marketing move in finding creative ways to make Legos look appealing, even in water.

Wet Legos

“I am hot and cold at the same time!” Aiden yelled. That’s because he was cold when he got out of the water, but the ground was really hot from the sun. After they put on their sandals, they tried to look for some body warmth …

Warm Bodies

… and they were wrapped snuggly in their towels. They look so cute and content!

We're Cold!

We rented a suite around 10 minutes away from Legoland. It’s a nice 2-bedroom place with an adjoining living room and kitchen. While we had lunch at Legoland, we prepared dinner and stored them in the refrigerator. We even brought a rice cooker!

We're Hungry!

1st Day @ Legoland

Friday, July 1st, 2011

We’d been looking forward to this day for many weeks now, so it was exciting to finally be at the front gate of Legoland. Of course, we had to take the traditional family picture right under the sign.

we're here!

Just like the time we went to Disneyland and met Mickey Mouse, the kids were amazed to see Bob the Builder in the flesh! They were in awe and willingly stood next to him for pictures. They said goodbye to him as though he were their friend. Ahh … to have childlike innocence again!

meeting Bob the Builder

One of our favorite rides, which we ended up riding three times, is the Safari ride. It is actually a very short ride where one sees Lego blocks shaped into animals. The cool part is the sounds coming out of each animal. Kind of cool. The kids got a kick out of it and made them ask to go back again and again … and again.

in line for the Safari ride

Most of the rides are kid-friendly, but there were rides that Avery could not get on because of his height and age, so he ended up staying behind with Allister. One adult or two would stay with them. A good thing about little Allister is that he has recently learned to hold his own bottle — indeed, a major milestone!

major milestone

On the way back to the parking lot, we came across the water spout area where the kids ended up playing in the water. It was a hot afternoon and their parents didn’t mind them getting wet. They ended up being soaked and walking back to the car with no shirt on. It was a warm day and I’m sure they liked that experience.

water fun

In the car, Avery got on the driver’s seat and pretended to drive. He doesn’t really get to do that often, so I’m sure this was another of those firsts that he would probably want to do again.

who's driving?