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RV Park

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

This night, Shixiong and I decided to visit Sooner Village where many out-of-towner fans and their RVs were parked. We walked around looking at the different types of RVs and the tailgaters drinking, barbecuing, and talking through the night in different groups. Some proudly hung OU banners, while some of the bold ones (clustered together) had their Aggies flags displayed on their trailer. We marveled at the furnishings in these trailers because they had whole kitchens, bedrooms, and widescreen TVs in these RVs, along with generators and barbecue grills. Amazing!

To entertain these tailgaters, the OU marching band traveled from section to section to pump them up with OU cheers. I tried to take a picture of them using the moon as my natural light. I don’t think it turned out well, but it will have to do.

OU band

OKC Outing

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Today, we decided to explore the city. On the way to OKC, we happened to see this casino and decided to check it out. I reminded Shixiong that since this is Indian country, there are no laws against casinos in this part of town. We took a stroll in-between slot machines and sat around for a while. We ordered a drink from this traveling waitress who, I learned, makes a lot of money through tips. Since customers did not pay for the drinks, the money gets pocketed by the servers. Good deal!

riverwind casino

In OKC, we headed to the Bombing Memorial in downtown. I’d been there before, so I was familiar with what we would see. What was new to me was this white statue of Jesus across the street, facing away from the Memorial. I was moved by the message at the bottom of the statue, which simply read, “Jesus Wept.” It communicated the tragedy and devastation of what happened on April 19, 1995 when 168 people died because of a senseless bombing. As the precursor to 9/11, it was appropriate to show the grief of Jesus at the suffering of the innocent.

Jesus wept

Morning Routine

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Every morning, I’d walk Katie around the block. But before that, Shixiong would come over and we’d have breakfast together. It was always a delightful challenge for me to come up with a creative breakfast meal for us. One time, I did omelette and a cup of fruits. Another time, I did scrambled eggs, sausages, and some veggies on the side. This morning, I did French toast with baby tomatoes and various bell peppers. I find it gives me more energy for the walk, and it definitely sets a positive tone for the day to have a colorful and creative breakfast!

breakfast treat

Feasting and Fellowshipping

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I’d been planning this dinner for many weeks and I’d been thinking of the menu. I was really excited that we finally got to treat our guests to an Asian home-cooked meal. At first, I was planning on making pasta for them, just to give them a western Italian taste. But when Shixiong and I went grocery shopping, he suggested that we added green vegetables. He picked out two dishes that he planned to cook. While we were at the store, we just kept adding to the menu until it became evident that maybe it would be better to serve Chinese dishes. The result was this lovely spread.


The evening was warm and festive. I think everyone enjoyed the meal. Most of all, we had a great time conversing, even though it was done mostly in Chinese. We cleared off nearly every dish on the table. At evening’s end, there was some good gospel sharing and encouragement. What a blessed night! Great execution of a plan and good teamwork.


Dogs and Cats

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

I am house-sitting this week. My duties include staying in the house overnight, plus taking care of those left behind. I make sure that I feed them, play with them, and provide exercise. I’m talking about Katie, Sam, and Miss Kitty.

Every morning, I walk Katie around the neighborhood for a few blocks. She is a very friendly and energetic dog. There is a lot of space out here for miles and we could probably just keep walking. But we keep it to about 30 minutes. I heard that one of Katie’s flaws is that she’s not much of a guard dog. If a thief did break in the house, she’ll probably lick him to death.

walking the dog

Besides Katie, there are two other tenants, Sam and Miss Kitty. Like most house-trained cats, they have their little kitty litter which I have to clean every other day. Also, they have this little Fancy Feast treat twice a week. Here’s Sam (or is this Miss Kitty?) munching on his.

feeding the cat

The dog and cats generally get along, though I’ve caught them in small skirmishes every now and then. I also noticed that they need a lot of attention. Katie would wait for me to pet her and play with her. The cats would rub themselves against my leg so I’d touch them. Very affectionate creatures indeed. It makes house-sitting a very pleasant experience.