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South Coast Shopping

Monday, February 13th, 2012

After going shopping with my parents, I thought it would be nice for Karen to have an outfit of her own. We went to South Coast because there were so many selections there, especially for women. Since she had just arrived from China and this would be her first formal party in America, we wanted something special for her!

When I saw this outfit, I immediately thought she should get it. It was a soft, long and flowing purple gown with delicate beading on the neckline. Topping it off with a light purple shawl sealed the deal for me. But I think the generation gap was evident in this case when she told me that it didn’t really appeal to her. She opted for a dress that had big beading, shorter hem, and more tight-fitting. It was at that moment that I realized my taste had certainly gone “more mature.” Far be it from me to impose my preference on the young (haha)! I took one picture of my favored outfit and let her have her way …

new dress

Bridal Shower

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

I’ve been a bridesmaid ten times in my life. This means that I’ve been to more than my share of bridal showers. I’ve always believed that the bus has left me and back again without picking me up. This is why a bridal shower in my honor is a bit surreal. On this special day, my sisters-in-law prepared a very special shower for me. They invited friends and relatives to help say goodbye to my singleness and send me off to married life. They had a cake for me, prepared party favors, organized a game, put together a scrapbook, took pictures, and of course, gave me gifts. While we enjoyed our time together as women, the men went to the park to take care of the babies. I felt very much loved. I shared my reflection that I never thought I’d be in this position … very much loved and blessed indeed.

shower cake

Here are my dear sisters-in-law and my mother. I will never forget this day that I was the celebrant for a bridal shower. Who would have thought? I’m getting married! Thank you — Wens, Yeegee, and Kristen!

wonderful women

Shopping with the Folks

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Wedding planning is well underway and I took it upon myself to help my parents find an outfit for the occasion. My mom’s physique is so petite that it was a great challenge to find one that is most suitable. We went to several different places, including South Coast Plaza and David’s Bridal. This is an outfit that I really liked, but I don’t think she likes it much. Nonetheless, she agreed to pose for my camera phone! Smile, Ma!

mother of the bride

It was a lot easier to shop for my dad because every man looks good in a tux! As the commercial claims, “You’ll like the way you look … I guarantee it!” There is something transforming about those black and white outfits. My dad was no exception. We chose Calvin Klein for him — vest, tie, shoes, cufflinks. Nothing but the best for the Father of the Bride! Bring it on.

tuxedo shopping

Fish for Lunch

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

After days of planning and not seeing each other, my fiance and I decided to go out for a date. On this day, he took me to a place called California Fish Grill which serves fresh seafood. Since we are both seafood lovers and health nuts (to a certain extent), this was a perfect place. We ordered swordfish and tilapia. We should have shared because they gave us huge portions! Nice day for a date with my dear fiance!

lunch date

Asian Pride

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The big story in professional basketball these days is Jeremy Lin. Many of my former students either idolize him (the boys) or have a big crush on him (the girls). No wonder. Not only is he a pretty good basketball player drafted by the New York Knicks, but he is also a Harvard grad. In the Asian-American community, athleticism and academic prowess are a rare combo. Add to that is his strong Christian faith — every Asian-American Christian mother’s dream for her daughter. All around a very good kid.

One of my former students who works for Nike devotes nearly all his Facebook posts on Jeremy Lin. This is how I first learned about him. As I followed the thread, I began to realize that he is a rising star, much in the same way that Michael Chang was during my era (80s, anyone?). At that time, there was no such thing as “Asian Pride” because we were simply not as visible. Nowadays, Asian-Americans have become increasingly ubiquitous in popular media. He has become quite the sensation with the younger generation. One of the more hilarious posts I’ve seen is this one that reflects the typical Chinese parents’ hope and expectation for their kids. Someone created this the night Lin scored a career high 28 points when the Knicks beat the Wizards.



Saturday, February 4th, 2012


One of the things that need to get done is sending out invitations. The wedding is about a month away, and though we have sent out online invitations, I’m still sending formal ones via snail mail. In this day of emails and blogs and websites, one would think that these cards would not be necessary. However, I have found that many people still prefer to be invited formally. It’s really interesting. I suppose if I were to be invited to a wedding, I would want something on paper as well.

nice font

With the help of Wensley, we spent quite a bit of time some time picking out cards, writing the wording, designing, and printing the invitations. It was tedious work, but in the end, it was rewarding to produce a work of art (in my opinion). Admittedly, it was more of Wensley’s work than mine. It was indeed gratifying to extend actual invitations to our honored guests for such a significant event. It’s a simple but elegant creation, and I am very proud of it!