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This is 42

Monday, January 21st, 2013

birthday cake

There is a new movie out called “This is 40.”  I don’t plan to watch it but I like the catchy title.  I used to be very self-conscious about age, but now that I’m past 40, every year seems to be the same and I don’t care anymore.  Well, this is it for me — this is 42.  I did not even cringe when my husband told me that he asked the bakery for the number “42” to put on the cake.  With mostly young people working behind the counter these days, they probably think that’s really old. 

Besides surprising me with a birthday dinner at BJs, my husband took me to a Persian restaurant for lunch for their all-you-can-eat kebobs.  After lunch, we enjoyed the sunny weather by taking a walk along Balboa Island.  It was a most perfect day for a birthday stroll!

balboa stroll

I think we haven’t gotten over our get-away trip to San Diego this weekend where we stayed near Seaport Village at the Hyatt.  This was our view from the window!

seaport view

My ingenuous husband got an unexpected deal from Expedia and we ended up paying a lot less than the original price.  What a great blessing from God to have enjoyed such luxury in a four-star hotel!  Here is my hubby, looking mighty proud:

hotel lobby

One of our best memories this past birthday weekend was spending a few hours in a bookstore/coffee shop called Upstart Crow.  Not only did we enjoy our hot drinks in rocking chairs while reading random books (we were sitting next to philosophy and literature section), we also caught a free in-house concert that night!  We thank God for such a great blessing!

upstart crow

While we were there, we goofed around, reading various fun books to each other and exploring the place. Here’s us with the iPhone camera:

goofing off

Overall, my birthday weekend turned out to be fun and memorable.  At this point in my life, I don’t mind letting people know that this is indeed 42, and I’m proud of it!

aahh books