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Library Luxuries

Friday, March 1st, 2013


Today, I rediscovered the delight of what I will call “library luxuries.” I visited the neighboring city’s library and I was reminded of the many resources available to me. For example, I had been wanting to purchase some books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but I actually found the same books in the library. And they were available! Not only can I check them out for three weeks, but I can always renew for another three weeks if I’m not done reading. Sometimes, on a free evening or a weekend, SX and I like to watch movies. Since there are no more Blockbusters around and I do not know how to use Netflix (to my shame) or online movie rentals, I found their DVD collection quite to my liking! Again, it’s free to borrow them for a week! There’s a $1 charge for the newer movies, but I’m just looking for movies to pass the time. I also found a quiet place where I could do some reading and writing for an hour or so. I didn’t have time to go online in the computer terminals. Indeed, I can spend the whole day here! There’s even a bookstore where they sell cheap used books. The librarians are very friendly and helpful, as well. I’m sure there are more things I can explore the next time I go back (and return the items I checked out). Sometimes, simple pleasures in life are indeed free!