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16-Week Mark

Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Today, I am exactly four months from my due date. In four weeks, I’ll be entering the third trimester. These days, we’ve been doing a lot of calculating — countdown to delivery, baby’s weight and measurements, calories, mom’s weight, etc. Also, I’ve been feeling him move around a lot more frequently. Everyday, it seems that he’s becoming more and more active. It has come to a point where I’ve gotten used to having someone in there with me. I remember one mother telling me that she misses those days when her now two-year-old daughter was inside of her. I understand her better now. I think that I will miss all the constant movement and wondering what he’s doing inside. Having said that, though, with all the calculations we’re doing, we get more and more excited about our baby’s arrival. Yesterday, some friends were gracious to throw us an early baby shower to get us ready for this new adventure called parenting.


Our guests participated in the festivities — food, games, advice-giving, blessings for baby, prayer, gifts. It was a blessed time of fellowship. It was a great encouragement to our hearts and we pray that God will repay the kindness that our friends showered upon us that day. I’ve been to many baby showers but this is my very first baby shower and it’s a bit surreal, kind of like the time I had my bridal shower. Could it be happening to me? I look down at my little growing tummy and it is slowly sinking in. I am big enough to get noticed in public but not that big that I need special accommodation. So, it is like being in the in-between period. Nonetheless, the constant movement of our little boy reminds me that he’s coming … and soon!


“I praise You, so wonderful You made me” (Psalm 139:14). This was inscribed on the baby shower cake. What an apt reminder of what is growing inside of me. SX thinks this is our son’s first prayer. We pray that he will grow to have a thankful heart, full of joy and praise to our God. We are thankful to God everyday for blessing us with this precious gift.