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Orange Tree

Friday, March 21st, 2014

On March 12th, we planted an orange tree in our backyard. What prompted it was the encouragement of my father who received some seedless Washington oranges from his co-workers. My father raved about it and emphasized how it was plump AND seedless. Sure enough, we tried it and it was delicious! I went to Home Depot, searched for the bush (it was hardly a tree), picked out the best planting soil, and got myself some stick fertilizers (per co-worker’s recommendation). On my way out, I saw that raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry bushes were also on sale. I could not pass it up. Since I knew I couldn’t do all three, I just grabbed a couple of blueberry bushes and left before I adopted any more plants!

I had every intention of digging up the soil and planting my new finds. But my DH was sweet enough to offer his services. Maybe he felt guilty, maybe he felt like working out, or maybe he was just as energized by the possibilities. Whatever it was, I took it. And here’s the result:


The two blueberry bushes are in the back and the orange tree is right in front of them. I hope that they will bear fruit and give us a return. But I am reminded of that song, “God causes all things to grow.” It’s not up to us to determine life nor fruit of that life. We accept whatever God places before us and do our best to become good stewards of that gift.

Six Months Old

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Today is a big milestone for Ian and for us. He turned 6 months! I can’t say that these past few months flew by (though I am amazed at how big he has grown in such a short amount of time). It has definitely been a lot of work — sleepless nights, endless diapers, fighting to feed him, loading and unloading the car seat to parks, malls, and grocery stores. Being a stay-at-home mom, he has been my companion, day in and day out. I have to admit that there is nothing better than cuddling with my little one. When I look at his old photos, I can’t believe how much he has changed from a little runt to my smiling, giggling little baby boy. Here are some of his mug shots:

Ian 6 months

We took him for his 6-month check-up today. His pediatrician said he is developing perfectly. He is actually in the 78th percentile for his height. We’re so proud of him, especially considering he was one month premature. He is a happy, sociable, and good-natured baby. Even the doctor noticed and mentioned it. Unfortunately, today is also vaccination day. At the last check-up two months ago, he literally stopped breathing for a few seconds just as the needle poked him. Today, the nurse did it so quickly that he didn’t even realize it until all three shots were given, and that’s when he cried. Poor baby!


Today was also the day he took his first official solid food — sweet potatoes. At first, he made a face when the spoon touched his tongue, but he gobbled it up after a while. It was funny seeing him look for more. Here’s hoping for successful and stress-free solid food feeding in the future!