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Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

“What do you do all day?”

Here we are in front of the computer, taking a picture via Photo Booth.

Photo on 3-4-15 at 10.51 AM #2

After breakfast and after Papa has gone off to work, we usually spend a couple of hours playing, getting some exercise, either outdoors or in the house. Today, we decided to stay in because Mama needs to catch up on some computer work. Since Ian wants to be held, I put him on my lap and he watches some Little Baby Bum while I work on some writing. At around noon, we have our lunch. After about half an hour of play, he drinks his milk and takes a nap. If I’m lucky, I can get him to sleep for two hours, but usually, it’s about an hour and half. During this time, I either nap along with him or do some housework. Right about the time he gets up, I start working on dinner. By the time he gets up, I’m on cooking mode until Papa comes home. After dinner, we do some more playing until we’re ready for our bedtime routine, which consists of his evening milk, bath, story time, and sleep.

This is what our day usually looks like.