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Thursday, January 21st, 2016

I know it’s supposed to be a special day but I had to make an effort to do something special for myself. I decided to explore some freebies that I could get in the area for someone celebrating a birthday. My husband promised to celebrate by having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with me. It helped that his workload was light this week.

We started with Denny’s free grand slam breakfast. Not only was it a good deal, it was a great way to start the day. We had a late breakfast and decided to make it a brunch. Besides, it was so filling that by the time we were done, I didn’t want to do or eat anything, mostly just relaxed at home. I had wanted to take advantage of doughnuts, frozen yogurt, ice cream, pretzel, mocha drink, bagel, etc. My stomach can only take so much for one day.


One of the deals for dinner I definitely took was the BOGO for Black Angus. I really enjoyed the prime rib! We also ordered rib eye steak and shared it. Needless to say, after having a late brunch, this dinner celebration hit the spot! This is me looking happy and content on my 45th birthday!


We even got a pizookie birthday cake. Our server Dawn gave it to us free of charge. She was personable and even asked us to visit her again when the baby is born. Everything about tonight was perfect, even though we were so full it hurt. While my son’s eyes bulged at the dessert he was about to partake, I was just happy that I got to have it! I preferred this than regular cake, anyway! We had a little family celebration. This is one of my favorite pictures and set it as my wallpaper for all devices.


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