Warm Welcome

Old Friends and New Friends

After a long 18-hour trip, it was good to finally be back, although this time around, I wasn’t thinking of semester frameworks and lesson plans. For the first time in five years, I am coming back to China as a tourist. My layover in Shanghai was a warm one as I was welcomed with a hearty dinner. It was very nice to see my friends again, albeit for just a night, since I leave for the interior in two days. I was pleasantly surprised to hear myself pick up Chinese automatically as I conversed and listened to it being spoken again. Moreover, I remembered how much I appreciate the culture and how easily it makes me feel at home, like eating comfort food. My friends are a reminder of why I came back … and hope to be back again someday.

The last time I left Shanghai, Tsao Tsao was only two days old and now he’s almost two months old! He’s so plump and precious. I can tell that he is his parents’ and grandparents’ (on both sides!) bao-bei (“precious baby”). He is one blessed little guy!

Sweet Reunion

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