On My Way …

Above the Clouds

For anyone who has ever traveled by plane (and sit by the window seat), this is a familiar sight. I don’t know why it caught my attention on this particular day. Maybe because my excitement heightened my senses. Plus, it was a beautiful and clear day. Riding above the clouds was a reflection of what I was feeling as I flew out of Shanghai. Heavenly.

Glimpse of Guangxi

This is not my first time to Guangxi, but it felt special this time around. It’s the start of a new adventure. Again, the view of land right above the clouds is familiar to the common traveler. I decided to take a picture of this one just because it was nice and clear. After the plane ride, I still had a bus to take to get to my destination. But because I had an early start, I still had a lot of energy.

I was undaunted by the 5-hour bus ride despite my jetlag. I was once again fortunate to have a window seat. This is one of the shots I took as we climbed up the mountain.

Up the Mountain!

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