First Day

Biking the Streets

On my first day, I woke up early to get myself oriented and to run some errands. The refrigerator was empty, the internet connection was down, and there was no toilet paper! These items were first on my to-do list. Because I was already familiar with the area, I went right into it. The sun was out and it was very warm. At lunch, I met up with teammates who provided me with a bike to use. I was able to ride it to have dinner with another group of teammates. The main road is a wide one that accommodates trucks, cars, bikes, tricycles, and pedestrians. Off this main road are little roads that are narrower (where I buy vegetables and fruits from street vendors). I really like that you can see the mountains wherever you go in this town.

Amazed by the Mac (who wouldn't??)

On my first night here, while I was still unpacking, there was a knock on my door. These five little giggly girls wanted to know if I was new in town and if they can come in and help me get settled. In my limited Chinese, I was able to communicate to them that I had just arrived and the place is still a mess so I wouldn’t be able to host them. They introduced themselves as my neighbors attending the local elementary school (3rd, 4th, 5th graders). I told them that perhaps they can come back the next night. Sure enough, they came knocking as I was checking my email (internet connection back – yay!). I invited them in and showed them my Macbook. They were fascinated with the functions and watched a Chinese video on Youku.


They were very much at home here, looking around and giggling and pretty much being girls. These are the times when I wish my Chinese was better to communicate more with them. They were patient with me, though, and offered to teach me Chinese in exchange for some English sessions. On their next visit, I’ll probably have English names for them (easier for me to remember) and they will teach me some useful Chinese phrases!

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  1. mbcohao says:

    yes, it’s one of the few items I took away with me!! :-) thanks for noticing! wait til you see my room. I’ll post some pics later.

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