Guilin Mi Fen

Today, I had some local noodles from this small restaurant. It only cost 3.5 yuan, which is equal to about $.50 a bowl. I didn’t bring my camera during lunch so I found this one online that comes really close to what I had today. What I liked about it is that after they give you your noodles, there is a spread of various sauces that you can use to flavor and season your bowl in addition to the ones they already put in. As the name suggests, this particular dish is a specialty of Guilin, a city in the Guangxi province.

I think the adrenalin has done its part in getting me through the rigors of travel as well as fixing up my room, setting up the house, and meeting my various teammates. My body finally let me know that it is still going through jetlag. I stayed in bed for most of the day.

2 Responses to “3.5”

  1. kco says:

    glad to hear you arrived safely. the food looks yummy! How far are you from Guilin/Yangshuo. I have some great travel memories from that area. Hopefully you can visit it sometime. We continue to be lifting you up…

  2. mbcohao says:

    thanks a lot! everyone here is saying I should go visit Guilin/Yangshuo … I’ll definitely let you know when I do!

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