Lightning and thunder and blackout, oh my!

power outage

I enjoy lightning and thunder. I know, that’s weird. It’s a good thing I do because I barely got settled in this place when I was treated to a whole night of lightning and (loud!) thunder show outside, complete with a blackout. I found that my survival skills kicked in as I searched for the flashlight that I remember packing away (courtesy of good ol’ papa). Since I grew up in the Philippines where blackouts were common, I knew how to feel around in the dark, use a flashlight in the shower, and prepare for a night sleep without electricity. Strangely, I felt calm in the midst of it given that this is my first time in an apartment by myself. In fact, it was a rather exhilarating experience to be responsible for checking everything inside and outside of the house in this weather. As I was getting ready for bed, the lights came on and I was reminded that this is just the beginning of many more of these kinds of experiences.

The adventure continues …

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