Harvest Season

After a whole day of writing today, I was glad to get out of the apartment with a friend in the late afternoon. The nearest village was about a 7-minute bike ride. After parking our bikes, we took a walk and saw people harvesting rice. I am not really sure the procedure of how it’s done, but I’ll find out soon enough. In about a week or so, perhaps this weekend, I was invited to help out with harvesting in one of the villages. I’m so looking forward to it!

Did I mention that this place is surrounded by mountains? It’s a beautiful sight on such a lovely afternoon! This is what one of the fields looks like after the rice has been harvested:

rice harvest

I got a little close to one of the houses and got a picture of their stacks of rice harvest. It looks like a good season.

rice bundles

I am not quite sure what these women are doing with the rice, but I imagine that they are separating the wheat from the chaff. They have a neat contraption to help them, but even after the rice stalks come out of the machine, they still had to manually sift through them.

wheat from chaff

We walked past the house of field owners. There lay two beds of the harvested rice. I think they put them under the sun for a reason. I don’t know why, but I intend to find out.

under the sun

When we came back a few minutes later and I saw them putting them in sacks. I presume they will be selling them. Certainly a lot of questions to ask when I get out working the farm next week!

rice sack

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