Chasing Waterfalls

We had some visitors from Malaysia, so I went along for the sightseeing opportunity to the famous waterfalls in the area. In Los Angeles, when we have visitors, we often take them to Disneyland and/or Universal Studios. I always enjoy ‘wowing’ them with the special effects and parades and colorful buildings. However, in this part of the world, people travel far and pay money to see the wonders of nature, like this amazing waterfall. I’ve been to Yosemite Park, but I’ve never seen a waterfall this high (or this majestic)!

Tongling Falls

On the way to see the waterfall, we went through cave after cave of stalactites, flowing streams, and mini-waterfalls. I remember this one cave we entered where a soft mist hung in the air created by the waterfall just beyond the rocks above us. It was like walking through a magical world.

flowing stream

This is another place we visited. It was quite a hike to reach the actual waterfall area, but it was way worth it! There were several rafts available to take us as close as possible to the falls. Talk about the wonder of nature! It was amazing to hear the roar of the water, to feel its weight bearing down on the river, and yet, to be floating on it ever so gently — and so close to this mighty force!

Detian Falls

My companions and I had a lot of fun taking pictures and from all kinds of angles. I think I understand now why people would travel far and pay money to see nature’s wonders. It’s one thing to be impressed by man-made technology and ingenuity, but it’s another thing altogether to resonate with the same beauty and power He put in our very souls.

rowing along the falls

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