I have been listening to Michael Buble songs lately. Yesterday, while getting ready to go to a masquerade ball, I listened to the samba-esque “Sway” and the pop-jazzy “Haven’t Met You Yet” to get me in the mood. It certainly helped get me into a rhythm as I was led into a couple of waltzes last night!

After coming back, I listened to the rest of the CD and one of the songs that stayed with me was this ballad called “Home.” It is about this traveler whose destinations take him all over the world as far as Paris and Rome … but all he wants to do is “to go home.” The word “home” is very significant to me because, as a sojourner, it is my final destination after all. And as a sojourner, this is where I want to be eventually. This song reflects many a heart’s longing for the kind of intimacy that all of this world’s wealth and experience and knowledge cannot fully satisfy.

I found other renditions, but I like Buble’s version the best because it is the original and is about a man’s longing for his lover. Westlife did a music video that is more all-encompassing of all travelers away from home and missing their families. Blake Shelton did one that is more country, and hence, feels more sentimental and emotionally deeper somehow (I wonder if it’s his earthy country twang). In all three covers, the heart and soul of the song are kept intact throughout.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I wrote something new, please tell the class about it XD

  2. PeterLaw says:

    I like this song :).

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