Writing Day

my fountain pen

I spent virtually the entire day writing. What exactly do I use to write? Before I left the States, I bought this big, ring-binder notebook for taking notes and general writing. I got the idea from a professor of mine who has this big, black notebook to write on while she sat at a Starbucks and brainstormed for ideas. I also use a fountain pen that someone gave me as a gift when I was still in Shanghai. The pen requires ink refills when the cartridge empties, so I have a bottle of black ink (also red and blue) handy at all times. Notice that my ink bottle is almost half-empty. I’ve grown quite attached to this pen. I don’t think I can go back to using ballpoint pens anymore. I looked all over for fountain pens in the States (stationery stores, the mall), but I guess this kind of pen doesn’t sell easily because they took them off the shelf. When I came back to China, on the other hand, they are still sold in the stores for as low as $2 for a really nice one, and a bottle of ink for about $.50!

While I use my laptop for word processing — and certainly for writing creatively — there is nothing like feeling the pen drag against the paper and seeing the ink form in my very handwriting. I love writing. As someone was once quoted saying, “Thoughts disentangle themselves over the lips and through the fingertips.” How true!

Tonight, also, I was treated to a really nice homemade dinner by some teammates. Chili, tortilla, pumpkin pie — all made from scratch. In a place like this, it takes amazing skill to pull off this menu. After a whole week of simple meals (no fun cooking for one), I consider this as my great reward!

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