Veggie Street

street vendors

I decided to get an early start on my shopping today. They tell me to go in the morning if I want to get the freshest meat, so I went to the wet market for that. For my vegetables, I usually frequent this street across from where I live. I call it Veggie Street because that’s where the vendors display their produce. After a month of living here, I already go to the same people who sell me my eggs, my fruits, and my greens. I’m not sure if they recognize me yet, but maybe in time, they will. I don’t usually see meat vendors on this street, but this morning, I saw several booths. It always amuses me to see the various meats being sold here just because I come from a culture that is paranoid of salmonella or any meat-related diseases. I am used to buying meat that is already wrapped in plastic, safely frozen inside a freezer. Here, they are out in the street, exposed to the environment, but no one seems to give a second thought to buying them.

Another unusual thing I saw today was someone selling fish. It’s not even live fish still swimming in water like the kind I usually find in the wet market. These were random fish of different sizes laid out on the street. It’s like someone went fishing and decided to sell what he caught.

fish and ...

What’s funny about this layout is that right next to it are snakes for sale! I had to do a double-take to make sure these were live snakes inside this net. Sure enough, they were still hissing and squirming around in there. I’m not sure how you cook snakes, much less eat them, but there they were, alive and ready to be eaten. Just another one for the blog.


4 Responses to “Veggie Street”

  1. kim says:

    skin the snake, cut them up and boil them like chicken… tastes like chicken too. :)

  2. misshao says:

    make sure you cook the meat/chicken/fish thoroughly to kill the germs!!! :)

  3. mbcohao says:

    kim, you’ve had snake before???

  4. mbcohao says:

    yes, in this place, cooking thoroughly is a must!! thanks for the reminder! :-)

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