Surprise Dinner!

pizza and mushroom soup

Today was a day of writing and research. For the first time since I got here, I think the momentum has finally picked up. I call it “entering the whirlwind” because once I get on a roll, it is usually hard to stop. Wave after wave of ideas began to roll over in my mind as my fingers tried to catch up with my thoughts. Unfortunately, by late afternoon, my eyes insisted on resting, my stomach grumbled for food, and my body urged me to move around even for a little bit. It’s a good thing I was invited out to dinner or else, I would not have listened.

When I got to my friend’s house, I was pleasantly surprised to see western dinner on the menu consisting of chicken/vegetable pizza and mushroom soup. The dough on the pizza had to be kneaded and rolled and baked. Having just baked my own bread a few days ago, I know how tedious it can be. And I knew that the mushroom soup was made from scratch because someone had shown me the recipe a few weeks ago. Everything tasted wonderful! I have a sneaking suspicion my friend prepared it as a way to “surprise the westerner” though I hardly consider myself as one. Either way, what a thoughtful surprise and a very nice treat after a long day’s work!

3 Responses to “Surprise Dinner!”

  1. kim says:

    Oh how i WISH (!!!) that anthony could enter the whirlwind already!!!! he’s still like in the slow drip mode. please remember him…

  2. mbcohao says:

    will definitely do … but you know, I’m still in the beginning stage, and I think it does take its toll after a while … besides discipline, grace would be much needed!

  3. Wendy says:

    So proud of you, writing Chinese. :)

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