Sunny Saturday

One of my favorite writers, Peter Hessler, once wrote that when he was working on his book, he would spend months at a time in his room just writing. At the time, he was living in a remote place in China and renting from a family, and it took him a relatively short time to finish the complete draft. However, it also exhausted him emotionally. I remember this story because I now understand what he meant. This afternoon, I decided to go on a bike ride, not only to take a break from writing, but also because it was an invitingly sunny Saturday afternoon.

It is such a small town that I think I was able to bike through most of the more familiar alleyways all day. I discovered that I’ve become much more adept at dodging pedestrians, outracing slower-moving trucks, squeezing my way between 三轮车’s, cutting off hesitant motorcycles (nicely, of course), and even charging oncoming traffic and knowing instinctively just when to turn. It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m actually getting it. The trick, I learned, is to be 100% aware of my surroundings — how fast the traffic is going (which is usually slow), anticipating their move, and making my move definitive so as to give them the opportunity to react accordingly. But please be assured that I do take great pains to be super careful!!

On my way back to the apartment later in the evening, I saw this very amusing sight. It was so random that I just had to take a picture.

Guardian of the Road

I don’t know what this dog was doing in the middle of this wide street. It was just sitting there, like it was guarding something. Trucks, cars, motorcyles, and bicycles swerved around the dog, but no one really tried to drive it off the road. And it just sat there for a very long time. I know because I waited for quite a while. To give you an idea of where it is in relation to the road, here’s another shot:

Lost Puppy or Loyal Protector?

I decided to eat out for dinner and headed to the town’s most popular fried chicken place, DFC. That’s right: DFC.

Dainty Fried Chicken

For those of you who need proof that this place actually exists, I took this picture for that reason:

the Colonel would be proud ...

I ordered fried chicken, french fries, and a coke. It wasn’t exactly KFC but it’s the closest I can find in this town. And no, I did not eat my drumstick “daintily.” But I did find their method of making it truly “finger-lickin’ good” for hygiene-conscious people quite ingenious.

no purell? no problem!

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