Life Along the Dam

Today was reading day. Normally, I read to do research on history, culture, and factual information. Every now and then, though, I read for inspiration, especially now that my writing is well underway. I look for like-minded writers whose style and flair I admire so I can capture their spirit somehow.

I am also at the point where I am looking for inspiration in my surroundings. Today was one of those days wherein I’m glad that I blend in quite easily with the crowd. I usually bike/walk around with my camera and my notebook (hidden, of course). I don’t have to worry about standing out when I walk around because I look just like everyone else — until I open my mouth, that is. This afternoon, I spent some time around the dam area where many activities take place. The river from up the mountain flows into this local dam. The water supply serves many purposes. For one, people use it to wash vehicles, like their 三轮车 and motorcycles.

carwash day

This past summer, I went with students from the cultural exchange program to cool off in the water. The young people would swim in these waters right next to the falls. Around the same area today, I saw this fisherman trying to net some small fish.

fishing day

Near the fisherman were some women doing laundry. They would wash these thick heavy blankets and hang them up to dry on the marble railing. After these women finish with the chore, they also bathe in these waters, washing their hair and arms and legs.

laundry day

Not far from these women, I saw some men bathing as well. I decided against taking their picture for obvious reasons. As I headed back, there was this group of about five men who were huddled around the bank of the river looking at the fish they had caught. It looked as if they were dividing them up among them. Then, further along, where the river turns into a creek, I saw another group of women doing laundry together in this little spot. Like the other group I saw earlier, it looked like a time of communal washing and bathing.

more laundry

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