Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop

Jonathan came back in time for a Writing Workshop class picture! Since he won’t make it to the party on Friday, this was the best time to say goodbye to him. Good luck to him in Hong Kong next school year!

As for the rest of the class, I wish you the best your senior year (at least to the Juniors!). I’ve enjoyed the year immensely with everyone. The whole class was responsible, responsive, respectful, and some of the most conscientious students I’ve ever had. I know you will be successful next year. This is one of the reasons I did not want to teach Juniors this year — I knew it would be hard to say goodbye knowing I’ll be leaving. I do hope we keep in touch, even with just the blog. While I don’t expect you to write everyday, I hope you update your blog every now and then so I’ll know what’s going on with you. You’ll always have a reader and your account will be open for as long as I keep my subscription … and I plan to keep this domain name for a long time, especially when I move to Guangxi and try to update people regularly.

You are a wonderful class, and I hope you had as much fun as I did. I tried my best to keep things real and relevant … I hope you did learn some stuff about writing and will be able to use it in your classes in the future. Do keep in touch and write me sometime … by commenting on my blog??? :-)

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