High School

Today, I visited a high school and I became a teacher again — at least, for one day. I recently met a friend at a party who taught moral education at the local high school and she invited me to meet her students. I ended up speaking to them for a whole 40 minutes. I had forgotten how fun it is to be in front of a class … and how tiring. I think I might have strained my vocal chords from lack of practice. Besides, there were about 75 students in one class!!

After the class time, my friend took me on a tour of the school. First, we visited the girls dormitory which is within the campus. There are dorms for boys and girls. Chinese high school students stay within the compound and are divided according to class and house (kind of like Hogwarts, I guess).

student laundry

We visited one of the students in her dorm room. I was surprised to learn that 18 students lived there made possible by bunk beds. There is a communal washroom for these girls … my friend said that this has been an improvement from previous years which housed almost 30 students a room. The girls were cleaning the bathroom area when we popped in for a visit.

girls dorm

It was about late afternoon when I got the tour. The students were not out of class yet, so I got to see an empty cafeteria. Students store their bowls and chopsticks on shelves along the wall.

I happened to stay around long enough to see the students line up for dinner. Since they live on campus, they have communal dining. This is what it looks like when they are lining up … it looks so crowded that it looks rather like waiting for a Disneyland ride.

sea of students

After their meal, they wash their own bowls before putting them back on the shelf. They have these communal washing areas right next to the cafeteria. So efficient.

washing area

I wish I could post more pictures of the areas I got to see, like the classrooms, library, computer room, music room, gymnasium, etc. But I’ll end this entry with the delight of seeing a familiar face in a Chinese high school library.


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  1. Micah S says:

    Great post! So many things to react to (to which to react?).

  2. mbcohao says:

    Knowing you, you might want to comment on everything!! :-) Great to hear from you, Micah! Happy New Year!

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