Out with the old …

… and in with the new, the saying goes.

On this last day of 2010, I don’t expect to do anything special. However, I do intend to take some time to reflect back on the past year and count my blessings. It has been quite a journey so far. God is good. I look forward to another year of fruitfulness, blessing, and delight.

Today, I went to the new location of the wet market. While the old location was tucked in a corner of a street, this one is right along a major road. It is much larger, cleaner, and brighter. However, I also noticed that it is a lot less crowded. I asked one of the vendors what she thought of the new spot, and she said she liked the old location better because it’s closer to the center of town. Apparently, they have to wait two more years before renovation of the old building is complete. In the meantime, maybe they can begin filling out this newer and larger marketplace.

new location

Speaking of new locations, I’m getting more comfortable in my new apartment. In fact, it was a nice surprise to find a guitar on a corner of the living room. There was even a chord book next to it! I picked it up this morning and jammed on a few worship songs. It’s been a while since I played and it felt really good. Nothing like singing a heartfelt song to end one year and begin another!

look ... a guitar!

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