Big Breakfast

Writers Party

Writers Party

Pancakes. Hash browns. Bacon. Eggs. Biscuits. They were all on the menu. Everyone arrived just when the last pancake was flipped and the last of the bacon was taken out of the frying pan. It was nice that everyone got to sit around the table, too. We had a toast to end the school year and we started in on the food. It was overall a very comfortable atmosphere. It was cozy and … as someone puts it, lovely.

After breakfast, we finished the game we started yesterday. Zebra won, courtesy of two people who seem to have this strange psychic connection! Then, we were entertained by none other than our in-house magician who performed his infamous Thread. I would love a picture of that thread coming out of his eye! We then went up to the balcony to look at the view. Took pictures. Tried the elliptical machine. Sat around, feeling too full and lethargic. We were treated once again to a magic trick wherein the magician shuffles the cards randomly by asking people to move cards from one deck to the other. In the end, he was able to “predict” the number of even-numbered cards, color, and suit. We were all stunned! Nice trick! Then, we went down and some people took turns playing the piano. Most people kept denying that they didn’t know how to play. Then, when they get behind the keyboard, they busted out with classical and pop music! We have some hidden talents. After sitting around for a while longer, we decided to face the inevitable — go back to school. We walked back slowly and leisurely, still full from the food and the fun.

What a great way to end class on this last regular day of the school year!

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    I loved it too :)

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