As I was surfing online this morning, I came across this article called “Spooky Creature Endangered by Superstition.” It has a picture of the aye aye. I have never seen nor heard of this animal before, but it certainly looks sinister. I googled some other images of this animal, and the other pictures definitely make it even more “evil” with its eyes, claws, and little mouth.

It made me think about how different it is with cute little puppies and darling little pandas that make us naturally want to love them. Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Or are there creatures that are universally beautiful and creatures that naturally inspire fear? My first reaction to this aye aye is to fear it because of the way it looks … but what kind of animals are they really? According to the article, they are nocturnal, solitary, and weighs a mere 4 pounds. They are curious little creatures who are not afraid of humans, but they are not aggressive nor are they dangerous. It is unfortunate that these creatures have become endangered because perception has turned to accepted belief. I wonder how often we judge the world and the people around us by mere perception ….

Here is a link to the article I was reading —

2 Responses to “Perception”

  1. Yvette says:

    But it’s so cute! How is it evil! I mean, it’s not as large as human right? First sight I thought it’s a bat. Poor little thing :(

  2. Jonsan says:

    I read the article, and in my point if view this article is superficial. I do see the editor making the point that this animal is becoming endangered because people believe it to be harmful. However, it also implied another point in it, that is to justify the innocence of this creature.

    I find it alright to inform people of the delicacy of this animal and that it is now endangered because they always walk up to people that kills them. But the authors justification of its innocence just makes it nessesary to speak for every other animal that is being killed for no reason. for example, the cockroaches, pests, ants and all small animals that people kill for sport or out of fear too fall under this category. The author, if is trying to match a link between perception and reality, has a lot more writing to do.

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