In the next few weeks, I’ll be on the road traveling. I will bring my laptop with me but there is no guarantee that I’ll have wifi in any of my sojourn. In any case, I will do my best to blog wherever I am, even if I have to look for an internet cafe!

My first stop will be the Philippines (via Hong Kong) where I will be celebrating my birthday (Happy Birthday to Me!). It will be a significant one and I’m happy to spend it with family. However way we celebrate, I’m just glad to be somewhere warm and welcomed.


My next stop will be Turkey where I’ll be joining a tour to walk along the Footsteps of Paul. I have always been fascinated by Islam. What better place to visit than Turkey (via Shanghai)? I have to admit that I don’t know much about this country. I’m already reading up on history, culture, food, etc. I am sooo looking forward to finally getting there!


After a few days in Turkey, our tour group heads to Greece. I’ve read a lot about this country — literature, history books, media, pop culture. Though the focus of the trip is on the 1st century Christian world, I am intrigued to learn more about this country’s ancient history. I will definitely be doing a lot of reading on the plane.


Finally, my last stop takes me to Thailand. Here, I hope to shed the winter clothes and enjoy the sun. I plan to be here at least a week so I’m probably going to make myself comfortable. What I’m looking forward to is lots and lots of Thai food!

Chiang Mai

Advanced Happy Chinese New Year!

4 Responses to “Offline?”

  1. kim says:

    yehey! we have wifi back in our apartment, so you can continue to blog while here. can’t guarantee it’s always up though, but it’s a refreshing change since being offline for almost 2 weeks

  2. mbcohao says:

    sounds good, kim! see you tomorrow! :-)

  3. Sue says:

    Honey, Happy Birthday!!
    You will come to Europe?? Wow, terrific!!
    I hope I can go to Greek someday later, it’s a Romantic country!!
    I have special feelings for Greek and Austria than other places in Europe.
    Are you travelling on a tour group or by yourself? Can you come to Sweden???
    I miss you so much, honey! How I wish we could meet somewhere here in Europe!! I guess I would cry if it could come true!
    Update everything of your trip!
    And I leave my cellphone for you: 46764095762

  4. mbcohao says:

    Hi, Sue! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to visit Sweden this time but I hope to see you before you leave!! That gives me about two more years! :-)

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