Birthday Day

I’m finally in Manila! The immigration officer actually wished me a happy birthday before handing back my passport … he kindly commented that I don’t look my age (hmmmm …. ). Tony and Kim picked me up at the airport and greeted me with these balloons tied to a stuffed hedgehog. It was very special and thoughtful! Then, they took me for a quick lunch at the “big-shot McD’s” and we spent the afternoon at the mall for a nice stroll. My next surprise was a fabulous dinner at the classy Philippine Plaza, now known as Sofitel, a really snazzy place around here!

This is me with my birthday balloons right before digging into my birthday buffet!

birthday balloons

For the first time in a long time, I had sashimi, sushi, shrimp, lobster, butter, cheese, foie gras, lamb chop, chocolate sauce, mango crepe … I could go on and on. I relished each bite, especially after being up on the mountains this whole time. What a great way to celebrate a special birthday with very special people!

birthday buffet

Perhaps the best gift I received today was seeing my nephews again. One is little Joel …

with Joel

And the other is the not-so-little (anymore) Nathan …

with Nathan

5 Responses to “Birthday Day”

  1. MAY says:

    Happy birthday Marybeth!(Late blessing)
    Very special birthday celebration!

  2. mbcohao says:

    Thanks, May! It was a very special birthday indeed!

  3. Elbert Chang says:

    Happy Belated B-day! You sound so happy to be in The Philippines.
    I agree with the immigration officer- you don’t look your age (and don’t forget, I do know your age.)

  4. mbcohao says:

    Thanks, LB! :-) You just made my day! Haha …

  5. misshao says:

    rejoice in the Lord always, and again i say rejoice! :)

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