Manila Ocean Park


In a country surrounded by water, it makes sense to have an aquarium that houses its most natural resources — marine life. Since it’s a Saturday, it was crowded. Among the ones that fascinated me were the jellyfish, sea horses, eels, arawanas, turtles, crocodiles, piranhas, stingrays, starfish, and of course, sharks!

It was really fun watching Nathan run from tank to tank getting excited about these creatures of the sea. His favorite subject is Science and for good reason! There is so much wonder in the world with which observe and delight. It blows my mind to think of how much there is to know and how much we still don’t know! There was one amusing moment during the day, though, when he pulled me to a corner of the shark tank. He pointed to a white, spotted fish and said, “that looks really yummy!”

shark tank

In the evening, we decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies. Earlier, we had picked up flour and a baking pan from the store so we can make dessert!

baking cookies

The cookies did not melt down in the oven as I expected. I later learned to flatten them so they looked more like cookies than clumps of dough. I thought it turned out well, though. My favorite part about it is in its chewiness. The secret is in the cornstarch.

chocolate chip cookies

Kim performed the final taste test. The verdict: yummy. Yes!


One funny note. Right before we left for the aquarium, Nathan and I found that we both had matching holes in our sock — and in the same place, too. Kind of nice to know I wasn’t the only one with a toe sticking out!

hole in the sock

5 Responses to “Manila Ocean Park”

  1. kco says:

    I love the sock holes! So did you buy new socks together too? Glad to see you’re having fun in the Phil! We’ll have to check out the Ocean Park whenever we make it there again…

  2. Sue says:

    I know which is your foot.
    The one with red nail color…Haha..

  3. mbcohao says:

    @ kco – haha … glad you noticed the sock holes! :-) It’s been really fun over here … wish you guys were here! Looking forward to our big reunion with all the kiddos!

  4. mbcohao says:

    @ Sue – yes, that’s me!! :-)

  5. misshao says:

    i told a joke in my class.. how many of you have holes in your socks.. only one girl said she had holes.. after the others said.. i don’t have any holes.. i asked.. then how do you put them on?! every sock has at least one hole.. haa. cheesy i know. haa.

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