Bye, Manila

What a memorable week in Manila! One of the things I’ll remember is driving in the narrow streets and watching my brother and sister-in-law expertly maneuver around trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, pedestrians, tricycles, and other cars! What pros! And I’m in the back (or front) seat corrupting little minds with the easiest entertainment I know … the iTouch.

iTouch ... friend or foe?

I’ve really enjoyed baking all kinds of goodies like chocolate chip cookies, bagels, chocolate cake, french bread. One night, we even made french fries. Kim really made my stay enjoyable. There was never a dull moment … and I never experienced an empty stomach, either!

Posing with the Pooh!

I think I must have visited five different malls in five different days! Malling is the way to go … fun, relaxing, and lots of time to just chat. Nathan and I goofed around in one of the stores with this Kodak moment.

goofing around

For my last dinner in Manila, we went to a ribs place called Racks. SM City had decorations up for Chinese New Year and it looked festive. It was nice to have spent the evening out with the family (even though it was a school night — how special!). Besides the yummy baby ribs, I enjoyed the company best of all. What a memorable time!

SM City

I don’t know when I will be back in Manila again. Hopefully, I can visit soon. I really enjoyed speaking Tagalog, reminiscing about the past, playing with my nephews, visiting old stomping grounds, hanging out with bro and sis … simple pleasures in life that are simply priceless! Thanks, Kim and Tony! I had a blast and I look forward to April! :-)

Blogging from the Shanghai Pudong Airport. Next stop: Istanbul.

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  1. Sue says:

    Enjoy yourself 😉

  2. mbcohao says:

    thanks Sue! :-) I’m already enjoying Istanbul!

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