Walking Tour

With a map in hand, I started early this morning on a walking tour of Chiang Mai. I decided not to take any public transportation but do a survey of the city on foot. It helps that there are so many interesting things to see!

For instance, it took me about 20 minutes to reach this old wall from my hotel. There are about five sections of these that serve as entrance gates and mark the boundaries of the ancient city. The city within these walls is now modernized but it still has its small-town charm compared to the bustling city surrounding it.

old city wall

I came across this very nice park just outside of the south gate. I spent some time to rest and watch dozens of pigeons waiting to be fed by the tourists. Now that I’m out and about in town, I have noticed that this place is a LOT more touristy than I first realized. I didn’t feel as self-conscious walking around with a map in my hand.

Buak Haad Park

Around every corner is a temple, it seems (like Starbucks, which is also in every corner over here). What interested me the most are the tips of these structures … they are so unique and so specific in their design. I entered the first few temples during the walk. As in mosques, I had to take off my shoes in respect and perhaps to keep the floor clean. I saw many monks (as young as 12 years old) in different stages of bowing, praying, chanting, and cleaning the temple. I stopped going into the temples because they tended to all look the same after a while.

temple tip

There was this big mall area that has western restaurants, shopping, arcades, food court, and a cinema. I spent a couple of hours here but did not buy anything; alas, if I did, I’ll have to spend even more money if my luggage were overweight! I was content to browse in the bookstores which made me just as happy.

the mall

What I could spend money on is food. By far, my favorite is the mango with sticky rice. I’ve eaten this quite a few times already on this trip. I would make this myself but they put coconut milk and some ground peanuts that will be hard to recreate. I will miss snacking on these.

mango with sticky rice

My dinner finale before I leave Chiang Mai: Green Curry Chicken.

green curry chicken rice

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  1. kim says:

    glad you enjoyed Chiang Mai. Can you give me the recipe for the chocolate cake? that’s one recipe I’d like to repeat. I even bought more cocoa already. I need to find a better bread recipe though, because it gets really hard after a little while.

  2. mbcohao says:

    check this out: http://mbcohao.com/recipes/?p=67

    let me know how it turns out! :-)

    thanks for the cute picture of Joel … it’s adorable!!

  3. misshao says:


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