Common Sights

There are things that I keep seeing as I walk the streets of Chiang Mai. I’m willing to bet that other tourists notice the same things. For instance, there are at least a couple of rivers that wind throughout the city and one can see water at every turn. The Thai love their fountains. There also seems to be one every few feet (though there’s none on this picture).

typical street along the river

Another common sight are shrines. Since Buddhism and Hinduism are major religions here, there is a little shrine on every block. This is not including the shrines inside stores and houses. Some have food offerings like in this picture.

street shrines

Who can ignore the massage parlors? They’re even cheaper here than in China. I kept wanting to get one (at least a foot massage) but I’d feel too restless sitting when I could be walking around. I’m okay without it.

massage parlors

It’s interesting to note that Fish Spas have become a big hit here. There’s literally one on every corner! Most tourists are intrigued and fall for it (part of their Thai experience, I guess). The tanks are out in public for everyone to see. I actually did this in China almost three years ago and I can bet that no one goes a second time. Besides the ticklish feeling, I highly doubt the little suctions of these guppies do much to scrape away dead skin cells, much less have any medicinal benefit (as they claim). In my opinion, it’s a fad that will quickly fade away.

fish spas

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  1. misshao says:

    i love the fish! haa.

  2. mbcohao says:

    so did a lot of tourists! :-)

  3. mbcohao says:

    Tame but scary at the same time! :-)

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