I’m Back!

After countless hours in the bus, in the plane, in hotel rooms, and in airports throughout these last few weeks, I’m finally back. It’s been a thrilling and memorable journey. Though I’m sad it’s over, I feel relieved that I can finally stay put in one place.

I flew from Bangkok to Macau. And this is the border where I crossed from Macau to Zhuhai in China.

The Border

I knew I was back in China when I got on the plane headed to Macau. After experiencing the hearty warmth of the Turks, the dignified coolness of the Greeks, and the kind gentleness of the Thai’s, I felt a kind of reverse culture shock to be in a plane full of Chinese people. They spoke loudly, openly berated complete strangers to the point of rudeness, and seemingly had no sense of private space as they pushed and shoved in the plane — it’s the kind of freedom one feels when one is with family, I suppose. It felt strange, if not comforting, to actually make sense of people’s conversations and not feel like an ignorant foreigner.

I smiled inwardly as people had to be reminded by flight attendants to sit down when a majority of them started opening the overhead cabins as soon as the plane’s wheels touched the ground. People impatiently and reluctantly re-buckled their seat belts as the plane taxi’d down the runway. The complaints, the conversations, and the cell phone calls in the plane grew louder during the very long runway ride.

To me, Chinese never sounded better.

5 Responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. kim says:

    haha, so funny, and yet so true!! was there no one with the right sense to say, 別吵! :)

  2. mbcohao says:

    I was too afraid! :-)

  3. misshao says:

    i could totally imagine that!

  4. jenkayo says:

    I totally know what you’re talking about. I love how you put it. But, hey, that’s family!

  5. mbcohao says:

    Yep, the longer I’m in China, the more I am in touch with my Chinese roots … that’s for sure! :-)

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