Perfect Storm

I once described the frenzy of inspiration in my writing process as “entering the whirlwind.” It is that moment when I get lost in the swirl of ideas, possibilities, imagination … and it all somehow translates into the written word by some supernatural force that compels me. These past few weeks afforded me all kinds of luxuries for physical recreation, emotional restoration, intellectual stimulation, and social interaction. Upon coming back, there is this confluence of wholeness and inspiration that seems to create a perfect storm for a writing frenzy. And it starts now.


As such, I am taking advantage of this building momentum by riding the headwind in hopes that it will take me to the end of my writing project. I am estimating 2-3 days of intensive writing. It’s now or never.

Hopefully, I will have finished my first completed draft by the next blog entry.

2 Responses to “Perfect Storm”

  1. charmaine says:

    It’s funny how the creative process is different for each of us. You describe your writing process as a whirlwind, and I can actually ‘see’ the energy and excitement of all the words coming together with a bang!

    On the other hand, when I write stories, it’s actually a very peaceful time. That space in my head, while alive with ideas, is not so much a maelstrom as gentle swirl. It’s quiet, patient, eternal.The scenes play out in my mind and the words sort of just come. Those moments, as few and far between as they are (because i’m such an undisciplined writer) are all the more precious to me.

    Sometimes I think that if I didn’t love teaching so much I’d be just as happy being a writer.

  2. mbcohao says:

    Thanks for describing your creative process — so beautiful! :-) It reflects your personality … I hope you get more chances to get away into your quiet place!

    I love teaching, too … it’s so hard to get away from those cute little faces looking up in eager anticipation! :-)

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