Yi Village

I spent the last two days touring and spending time with the Yi tribe in the mountains of Yunnan province. It took a whole afternoon to get there — two one-and-a-half hour bus ride plus an hour walk up the mountain. There are no telephone lines, much less internet connection, so I decided not to bring my laptop. I only brought a backpack with me. For most of my time there, I interviewed the headmaster and teachers regarding the school’s literacy practices. They welcomed me to watch the Yi children in action to get a sense of what happens in the classroom. The local school is the only one in the village and is named after Samuel Pollard, missionary to tribal children about 100 years ago. Every child in the small village comes everyday; there are about 80 of them from 1st grade to middle school.

classroom setting

In addition to the the school survey, I also got to see the village. The view is spectacular. When we arrived late afternoon and early evening, it actually started snowing!! It was a thrill to see snowfall and to see it cover the mountains! I wasn’t prepared for the cold but, thankfully, they provided me with a fleece jacket, plenty of blankets, and hot water for the evening. By morning, the snow had melted and the view of the mountains was breathtaking from all the way up where we were.

Yunnan Mountains

One of the most memorable moments was visiting the local villagers. Everywhere we went, they asked us to come into their homes. They were hospitable and very generous, considering they did not have much. One couple gave us a bag of walnuts that they had just picked from the tree that morning. We tried declining it, but they insisted, saying that they would pick some more later that day. I wish I had more space to write the stories I heard about this quaint little village. When I have more time, I’ll have to write them all down.

bag of walnuts

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    So beautiful!

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