Sweet Reunion

the v sign

I took a break to meet up with the girls today for lunch. Even though school starts early and ends late for students here, they have a two-hour lunch break! So, from noon until 2 pm, we hung out at a fast-food place called MFC (yes, a knock-off of KFC). Actually, this restaurant used to be called Texas Burger (a complete knock-off of Burger King, but I digress). I thought it would be fun to take them to a western meal — fried chicken, burgers, and coke. It was fun catching up with them and getting the latest on who is fighting with whom and who is now friends with whom (ah, little girl politics). We reminisced about our Christmas party and all the things they got to do that time. They also wondered if I would still remember them when I come back to China in the future since they will most likely be teenagers by then. I told them I certainly wouldn’t grow taller anymore and that they might have to initiate.

There was this play place inside the restaurant. I’d forgotten that 10 and 11-year-olds still like to play in these things. We hung out here while they told me about their favorite vacation places, laughed about a funny incident in school last week, talked about grave-sweeping festival in their hometowns, dared each other to crawl through the small spaces, asked how much time they had left for lunch every fifteen minutes, giggled about boys, and badgered me about telling them my age.

I decided this was a cute picture of them with their soft-serve ice cream.

sweets all-around

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