Chocolate Banana Walnut Cake

dessert with friends

The night before leaving for another road trip, I decided to bake a cake and invited some friends over for dessert. Someone had graciously given me some cocoa powder that I wanted to use up before I left. Also, I had walnuts (freshly cracked from the shell) that villagers had given me a week before. It was a sweet time, literally and figuratively. Since this was my first time doing it, I had to adjust the recipe a bit. It still turned out well, though I think I may tweak it some more the next time I make it again.

2 Responses to “Chocolate Banana Walnut Cake”

  1. MAY says:

    Must be very delicious!
    I have twice eaten you desserts!

  2. mbcohao says:

    Yes, I remember making those desserts! :-) Miss you, May!

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