On the Road Again

charming little town

I took a trip to visit another small village. This time, it was somewhere nearby — around two hours by bus. My friend was visiting this family and I decided to tag along. The first order of business was to buy gifts because we were visitors and planning to stay overnight. It is customary to bring something for the hosts, and I learned that bringing dinner over was appropriate. I decided to get them roasted duck. We saw this store with hanging ducks right when we got off the bus. It might not look appetizing but it is considered an indulgence to have meat for dinner, actually. And this was only one of two stores that sold them.

hanging ducks

Around here, the men do most of the cooking. They are great cooks! The husband prepared the duck in special sauce, among other dishes. We sat around this table on low chairs. This is a typical dining set-up for the locals in this place. The old woman sitting on the left is the husband’s mother. She is 96 years old and still climbs up and down their four-story house. I was touched by the attention and devotion of the son towards her. While he served her, he made sure her rice was soft enough. That evening, I saw him making sure she was comfortable in bed. It’s a demonstration of filial piety, if I ever saw one. Before I left, the couple asked me to take a solo picture of Grandmother because she doesn’t have a recent one. She had a hard time seeing her own picture on the lens of my digital camera. And so, we went to a picture-developing store to have her photo magnified to 8×11 so she could see herself more clearly. I have a feeling they also want one to keep for the future.

family dinner

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