Zhuang Festival

lively atmosphere

There are 16 million Zhuang in this autonomous region and they are a very diverse group. This festival was a celebration of that diversity. We watched people dress up in their traditional costumes as they prepared songs, dances, and group activities for all the visitors that day. The difference in costume is just the beginning. These groups do not necessarily speak the same local dialect, and about the only language that unified everyone (including myself) is mandarin.

Brown Costume

Actually, the festival was to last two days because of the many villages participating in the grand party. During the performances, we walked around taking pictures of all the different costumes. It was like being in a carnival. I enjoyed the lively atmosphere very much. The women did not mind getting their pictures taken, either!

Black Costume

These three women giggled when I asked them for a photo. They even asked me if I could take their picture using their digital camera. I love the headdress of the one in the middle.

Colorful Costume

The above picture is my favorite costume, I think, just because of the variety of colors. There were many groups in the festival but I could only take a few of them because we were also watching the performances. This one little lady gave us an impromptu singing number when I asked to take a picture of her on the walkway.

little minority girl

We were fortunate enough to be asked by this one singing group if we could help them practice for their number. They took us to a quiet place and sang for us exclusively. Tradition has the women on one side and the men on the other. They take turns singing to each other with love songs. After the whole thing, as it turned out, they wanted us to send them pictures and videos that we took of them. We agreed that it was the least we could do, but when we asked for their address, we discovered that none of them knew how to read or write! They could not tell us how we could send it to them by post. One of the men knew enough to write the name of their village on a piece of paper. We hope it gets to them somehow.

typical singing group

Our gang fit into a van and traveled to this festival. It was a whole two-hour ride up the mountain and it was well worth it!

travel gang

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