Goodbye Guangxi

Before leaving Guangxi altogether, I made one more stop to see some very special people. I’ve met them only once before, but they are inspired people with some amazing stories. I spent one whole afternoon taking notes on their personal experiences. Someday, I will do something with the stories I’ve gathered.

new friends

There was another group I visited one night. They welcomed me into their home and we spent a whole evening chatting away. This was another group with some inspired personal stories. I could barely catch up with my note-taking. At one point, I was desperately wishing for more hours so I can ask more questions. In the end, the wealth of available information was just too much to fit into the time allotted to me. I had to content myself with what I could gather.


My time in Guangxi most fittingly ended with a very nice dinner. I had mentioned to the group earlier that I was craving shrimp, and sure enough, they ordered the dish for me that night. For having met this group for just a short time, we connected right away, and I could tell that they are true kindred spirits. I am almost sure that we will see each other again despite the time and the distance. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met such awesome sisters!

last dinner

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