Writing Project

It seems I may have landed myself a new writing gig. Today, I was able to hold and touch one of the most intricately-made dolls I’ve ever seen. She is beautiful — a Tibetan princess, complete with traditional jade necklace earrings and necklace, silver chain-link and yak fur belt, real leather robe and boots with detailed design, silk chemise, finely braided hair, blown-glass eyes, and delicately-fashioned eyelashes. She is about a foot tall and very elegant. One could get lost in the stories that this beauty inspires.


I’ll wait and see where my muse takes me. In the meantime, I will let the ideas sit and simmer in the seat of my imagination. When the time is right, maybe it could all come to life.

And yes, that is a new haircut I’m sportin’.

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