My visit to Shanghai would not be complete without spending some time with people who have supported me these last six years. These are people who have given so generously to me and my work in China.

Because of this couple’s gift, I lived in Guangxi without having to spend a cent on my own. They are faithful servants who have a heart for China and give freely to those who have been called out in the field. I gave them an update on my various projects while they continued to offer their support, even to my next season in Oklahoma. Thank God for their partnership!


From Day One, this couple gave me moral and emotional support. When I first landed in Shanghai, they were the ones who welcomed with with a very nice dinner and a stroll down Nanjing Road. We got together very often my very first year. They’ve met my friends and families, and I’ve visited their homes several times. Throughout the last six years, I’ve also seen them and their family through weddings, funerals, birthday parties, sicknesses, new house, new car … too bad I won’t be there for their new baby! Even though we don’t meet as often, we text and email and call. On this last night, we met up at a nice restaurant for a kind of farewell. I don’t know when I’ll see them again, but I hope they will come visit the States very soon.


I stayed in this special lady’s home during my short visit. She and I would talk until the late hours of the evening. In the last three years, we have partnered together in gathering a small group every Thursday night. She is not only a partner, she is a very good friend and a mentor. Since she has a nurturing heart and mothers everyone around her, I have also benefited from her caring ways — from home-cooked meals, a listening ear, and patient counseling. During my stay, I also enjoyed the company of Sophie, her little terrier puppy!


Finally, if there is one person who has inspired me throughout my time in Shanghai, it is this person. Not only was she the one who hired me, but I also taught her son (who just graduated from college). I remember that she took me out to lunch for my first time off-campus. I admire her greatly for her poise, her wisdom, her intelligence, and her tenacity. I worked closely with her on various school projects and she has become a kind of role model for me. My most memorable moments were those cold Fall and Winter evenings when I’d have dinner with her and her husband. I would usually stay until almost midnight because we’d talk for so long. It was only appropriate that I had my final meal in Shanghai with her … it is like going full-circle.


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