I was reminded of the many treasures I still have in Shanghai when I met up with the girls. Because I was there for the weekend, I was able to go to church with Mei and Sky. I was glad that Mei could make it even though she had an overnight shift. She had to go back after the service, but we made plans to meet up later that week for dinner.


Even before I headed back to Shanghai, Sky and I had already been making plans to meet. We had planned to have breakfast together before church. What a joy it was to see her! I almost didn’t make it because I was running so late (and my cell phone was out of minutes!). I was a little bit late but we had a great time catching up. Our paths always seem to run so parallel to each other that I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up on the same path again in the future. Here’s hoping …


Later that week, the girls and I got together for dinner. It’s strange to me that five years or so ago, they were just starting out in their early 20s. Now, most of them are planning on marriage and family. It was a time of encouraging one another to keep the faith and to walk the path the Lord put before us. It was also a reminder to me of the fruits that have been borne out of my years in Shanghai. These are fruits that never spoil — my true treasures.


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  1. May says:

    Meet means parting.

  2. mbcohao says:

    … and parting means the hope of seeing each other again! 🙂

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