Growing Family

When I first got back to the States, I threw myself completely into my nephews and nieces. It was like quenching a severe thirst after being out in the desert for so long. I missed them so much! Because there are now so many of them, I have the luxury of picking any one of them up at any hour of the day!

Avery and Joel

And there are a range of ages to choose from! My favorite age is the “cuddle age” when they are content to just sit on my lap. The good thing is that all of them are such good kids that they don’t mind cuddling with their “Koko” for long moments at a time.

Aiden, Aldridge, Nathan

It was also such a joy to meet and hold my newest niece, Trinity. She was born during the Easter season and her middle name happens to be Anastasia, which means “resurrection.” What a special little girl! Maybe because I’d been holding different babies throughout my time here that she felt incredibly light in my arms. She’s this fragile, little body … so sweet and gentle.

Trinity and Allister

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