1st Birthday Party

It started with bridal showers, then invitations to weddings. I even got to take part in some wedding parties as bridesmaid and the occasional maid-of-honor. Then, there were the baby showers. And now, it seems time has ushered me forward into attending birthday parties for one-year-olds.

One of the girls I am holding is actually my goddaughter, Blest (there is a story to her name). In the Filipino culture, it is customary for the godparent to give gifts during birthdays and special occasions. I’m afraid that my time in China has kept me from fulfilling my duties. Perhaps now that I’m back, I can make up for lost time.

Blest, Leonivic, Ollie

The party was actually for this little guy’s birthday, Mateo. The last time I saw him was seven months ago. Now, he is attempting to walk on his own. His proud mother threw a great party in the park for family and friends, complete with games, a pinata, and lots of food. There were so many people that I was fortunate to catch some time with her! Now that she’s a mother, we have to be more intentional about meeting together and we’ll definitely plan on spending time catching up.

Marilen and Mateo

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