I tagged along so I can see where my nephews will be going to school in the future. The director of the kindergarten took us on a tour of the grounds — classrooms, playground, cafeteria, etc. Since the school goes all the way up to high school, I imagine that each of my nephews will go through the system, starting from kindergarten. Now, if only two of them can learn to potty by this Fall, perhaps they can get a head-start in their education!

Aiden's School

While their parents registered them, I played with my nephews out in the parking lot, walking them around in their stroller. Little did they know they will most likely grow up in this school district. But how exciting is it to think about them going to school in their little backpacks, lunch boxes, and uniforms! Seasons, indeed.

Outside the Registration Office

2 Responses to “Kindergarten”

  1. kim says:

    so, did they register both aiden and aldridge?

  2. mbcohao says:

    Yes, the two older ones for sure with the possibility of Avery (if by some miracle he learns to potty by Fall)

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