Wens and the Boys

We were off again to one of our favorite places, the Park! This time, we brought food with us and had a proper picnic. We made our own sandwiches along with chips and drinks and toys. We decided to make an afternoon of it. While Wensley fed the little one and had some mommy “alone” time, I went to the playground with the boys.

We decided to bring the bike so they could ride around the park. But one of them was so afraid of the bees that he cringed walking in the grass (we finally convinced him, though). The bats and balls also came in handy later on after they got tired of the playground. Later, I took them for a stroll around the rose garden. Who would’ve thought that boys could actually enjoy flowers? One of them said the flowers were “cute.” At the end of our time, they were knocked out in the car even before we reached the house. I think this is one easy way for the boys to learn to appreciate the outdoors.

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