New Fish Tank

After a visit to the park where my nephews were fascinated with petting a dog, I promised them that I’d take them to Petsmart where they can see dogs being groomed, as well as other animals, like cats, birds, and fish. It was a challenge, but I managed to get them from one section to the next without knocking down too many shelves. It was amusing to see them bewildered by snakes and lizards, but they were delighted in the hamsters and guinea pigs.


Another reason I brought them there was because I promised to buy goldfish for Aiden. I wanted to get him just one (like Elmo), but he insisted on getting two “so it doesn’t get lonely.” The indulgent aunt that I am, I agreed to it … even got him three goldfish! When we got back, his mother set up the tank for the three goldfish. It’s now sitting in the living room where the kids can see it. Training them not to touch it is another story.

pet fish

4 Responses to “New Fish Tank”

  1. mbcohao says:

    yes, it’s the same one! it’s in process right now … we’ll see how many fish we end up getting!

  2. kim says:

    is that the same fish tank that was sitting in the garage? how many fish did they buy?

  3. kim says:

    or training-them-not-to-knock-it-over is another story :) it’s nice to have koko there!

  4. mbcohao says:

    it’s still standing so far … good sign :-)

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